Industrial razor blades for all your cutting needs

Industrial razor blades for all your cutting needs

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Razor blades of all shapes and thicknesses for film industrial slitting

Our blades are of highest quality and this means better cutting, less dust in the process, clean reels edges and less blade changing in the slitting machines.

We have most models in our warehouse, in the most common thicknesses from 0,08 to 0,65 mm.

We supply the blades in stainless steel, with or without coating.

Our coatings provide longer lifetime and clean accurate cutting performance:

  • TiN
  • TiAIN
  • Ceramic coated edge
  • Totally ceramic blade
  • Tungsten carbide blade, very efficient with highly abrasive materials

This means for your operators:

  • Higher cutting speed, blade lifetime and process output
  • Improved cutting quality (e.g.) through less edge build-up of film
  • Better edge protection due to less friction and heat

All our blades are supplied in practical safety dispenser packaging.