Steel doctor blades for flexo, rotogravure, offset printing

Steel doctor blades for flexo, rotogravure, offset printing

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Our Doctor Blades are manufactured in first quality Swedish steel

Our long experience selling this article during more than 25 years has led us to develop the most suitable profiles for each type of printing: flexographic, rotogravure, offset.

  • Specific lamella for each kind of printing
  • Rounded edges, for quick adaptation to the anilox cylinder and price saving
  • Any width and thickness in the doctor blade market is available

Besides, depending on the quality or lifetime demand of our customers, we propose several steel qualities which cover all possible needs:

  • Oikos Basic-Print: high quality carbon steel suitable for standard printing needs
  • Oikos Fine-Print: a highly refined carbon steel which wears off in so infinitesimal particles that hazing, lines, spitting or any other well-known printing problem is absolutely minimised
  • Oikos Extra-Print: with the same steel of Fine-Print, but with a special treatment which supplies high quality printing and extra lifetime to doctor blade and cylinder
  • Oikos Inox-Print: when corrosion is an issue, our stainless doctor blade is the one to chose
  • Oikos Extra-Print II: same lifetime and quality printing of Extra-Print, but with stainless steel, to avoid corrosion too