Synthetic doctor blades for corrugated printing

Synthetic doctor blades for corrugated printing

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We can supply TruPoint® Doctor Blade, the first rate synthetic doctor blade for flexographic presses, mainly used for corrugated printers.

PET: doctor blade in polyester, with or without bevel, generally used as containment doctor blade in the flexo printing chamber

UHMW: made of Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight polyethylene, is the right doctor blade for corrugated printers, though it has proofed to be right also for coating and envelope applications.  Supplied with or without bevel.

DuraPoint: made of black Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight polyethylene, it will give you the same good performance of white UHMW but will obtain finest printing quality and longer lifetime.  Available with or without bevel, for containment and metering function in your flexo closed chamber.

Apart from the mentiones qualities, we can supply the whole range of FlexoConcept TruPoint® Doctor Blade